How do I dress to go to Rovaniemi, Lapland?


We will begin by introducing ourselves a little, we are a couple of Spaniards who decided to leave everything to fulfill their dream, come to Rovaniemi and live a totally different life with immeasurable challenges. We are experienced guides outdoors in winter and summer, we love snow and all that entails, riding a snowmobile, seeing northern lights, ice fishing, walking through the forest and enjoying the silence walking with huskies and reindeer and to know new cultures, since it is the greatest wealth that a human being can have.

In this blog we are open to any kind of suggestion on your part since it is designed to answer questions and try to show you what you can see and do here, in Rovaniemi or in Lapland in general.

One of the big questions is .. What clothes do I need to go to Lapland in winter? Will I be very cold? So we have thought about starting with this topic and commenting on our opinion about it.

Here you have a picture of Igor with eyelashes and frozen beard :)


You have to dress in layers and you will wonder ... what does that mean? What we have to look like onions :) The most advisable thing is that in the first layer that you wear is a t-shirt and thermal pants, you can find them in places like the decathlon or forum and at economic prices, especially if you come from warm climates and then you will not give it I wear this kind of clothes.

If you usually practice sports such as skiing / snowboarding, it already sounds like something to you. These thermal have to be stuck to the skin to perform their function, if they are too large we will not get a good result.

As a second layer we will put on the top a polar or now better known as fleece, it is a synthetic knitting fabric of thermal insulation. This second layer will have to be a little loose so that a layer of hot air between them is maintained.

As a third layer and a bit optional, if we have windbreaks it is a good idea to wear it since it is a very light garment and will protect us from the wind.

Last but not least, a down jacket or parka. In this case and as you know there are many types, sizes and colors but here comes into play how much money you want to spend and will be used later. Anyway if you have put all the previous layers that do not panic because with a jacket of average price you will not go cold.

Now we will continue with the pants, (if you remember well, after putting on the thermal as we have mentioned above) the most advisable thing is to put on a pair of snow pants, you can find them in any winter sports store.

Footwear is one of the most important things to consider. The first thing that begins to freeze are the limbs due to the lack of blood circulation. Having cold feet is the most common because our body protects vital organs in these types of climates.


Tips to protect our feet, first choose some socks that are thermal, quite thick or if you have wool would also be worth it, Finns often use them a lot.

It is important that both boots and socks are not fair because we will achieve the opposite effect. The boots are advisable to be a larger number than we normally use, we need the boot to be wide with the socks on, so we will get an air chamber that keeps our feet as warm as possible.


The most appropriate boots are those with thick and rubber soles. If inside they have some kind of thermal lining or lamb much better.

To finish with our winter look we can not miss the accessories such as good mittens. In Lapland in general people use them much more mittens although a priori they seem more uncomfortable, they keep our hands warmer.


Do not forget the hat and if you cover your ears, better than better! and finally if you have thermal panties in case you get caught on very cold days so you can cover your mouth and nose.

Always remind you that if you are cold it is best to dance a little, jump, throw some snowballs but do not stay still and if you see any cafe or bar go in for something hot that always helps. Vodka does not enter hot drinks :)


We hope we have helped you and we are available for any questions you may have.

See you next time and thank you all for reading!


Moi moi!

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    Padma Rekha (miércoles, 02 noviembre 2022 01:12)

    Very helpful!
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    Feelapland (miércoles, 02 noviembre 2022 07:44)

    Padma Rekha Happy that this article helps you!!