What to wear in winter to enjoy your holidays:


• Thermal underwear long sleeve and second layer is advisable to wear thermal, windbreaker or polar and if they are better turtleneck.

• Second layer of the bottom loose-fitting clothes fleece, cotton or the like.

• Cotton socks as a first layer and a second wool.

• Thick-soled boots as the cold coming through the feet and if a larger size is possible because the air that we within these layers will keep us warm.


In case you forget something do not worry, we'll let you all you need for your activity:


 . Helmet

 . Balaclava

 . Thermal overall

 . Gloves or mittens


Except the interior thermal or first layers all clothing should be a little bigger to have an air chamber to keep us warm.


When the trip is done in winter it is recommended to buy or acquire a sole with small nails, to have a better grip on ice zones.