We will pick you up at 9:00 am, the zoo is located 80 km from Rovaniemi, Ranua is the second northernmost zoo in the world. The journey to Ranua takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes. Once there, we will give you the tickets and a map and you will have two hours to see all the Arctic animals. The zoo route is perfectly signposted and spectacular. It is located in the middle of the forest, surrounded by an endless number of trees and pure nature. The best part is that the tour is done on foot, so we will not have any unwanted noise.

It has more than fifty different species of Arctic animals, including the majestic polar bear. The little ones will be amazed to see the animals that live in these latitudes, brown bears, wolves, moose, Arctic foxes, reindeer, wolverines, lynx, etc.


If you want, before we leave, we will make a stop at the Fazer chocolate shop. We will be back in Rovaniemi around 2:00 pm approximately.

We promote sustainable tourism, not mass tourism. For us, offering quality instead of quantity is more important. This way we can better attend to your needs and answer your questions.


Minimum group of 2 people.