korouoma canyon frozen falls



The activity lasts approximately 7 hours. It will start picking you up at 9:00 am from your accommodation, once in the van, the journey is 115km to Korouoma, approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Along the way we can enjoy incredible views of rivers, lakes, dams and even with a little luck we will see some animal, hopefully not in the middle of the road as usual :) Once there and stretched out a little bit our legs we will set off towards the Korouoma canyon. We will choose the 5km trail that is the one that borders the most impressive canyon. On this tour there are some ups and downs with a medium-high slope, so if you have severe problems, this activity is not for you and as for children we recommend that they be over 10 years old, otherwise anyone can do it without no problem. Once we have done 75% of the route, we will go to a typical Lapland house called Laavu, where we will have a small picnic with drinks, cookies, and snacks to cheat the stomach a little, since after this stop the steepest part of the route remains until we reach the parking lot, where we will come back home. 


Minimum groups of 2 people maximum 8.